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Are you thirsty for growth and development?

Want to learn how you can reach your fullest potential?

Self Discovery Village is self paced programs for women who want to learn how to release themselves from what no longer serves them, and elevate their lives by applying their new found knowledge and understanding.

'The Village' is an online coaching space where you can learn and grow at your own pace, join our facebook group and share in the wisdom of others and offer your experiences to enrich the community of likeminded women.

My Month of Living Magnificently!


31 day challenge


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Want to live a more juicy, joyful, and magnificent life?If you are a smart, savvy, successful woman who feeling burnt out and empty, then this challenge is for you!


Fall back in love with you and life, connect with your own ancient wisdom and create a little bit of daily magic and start living your most MAGNIFICENT LIFE!


31 days of fresh simple magnificence tasks each day.