Confident Me - unstoppable confidence can be yours!

Confident Me - unstoppable confidence can be yours!

Imagine waking up excited, ready to take on the world

Imagine waking up with intense passion, knowing you are limitless, knowing you can achieve whatever you choose! 

Imagine having the inner strength to set your boundaries and say NO to things don't serve you, to selecting WHO gets access to you and how, and small things like what you to eat or what movie to watch.

Imagine being so confident in who you are and what you're creating that you have no idea what fear looks like anymore.


Are you ready to step up and take the 6 week Confident Me challenge?


You will be poked, prodded, and challenged into some deep soul searching. You will be asked to take a good hard look in the mirror literally and metaphorically.

Each stage has exercises, practices, challenges - these tools are based on cognitive science  - designed and proven to literally rewire your neural pathways, to create new thinking methods and a limitless mindset.

What to expect:​

​Week 1 - Who are you?

  • What are your strengths and natural talents?

Week 2 - Get Growing

  • What are your priorities? What does success look like to you?

  • How does your current life differ from the one you desire?

Week 3 - Future Vision

  • What do you want to create in life and business?

  • What's really important to you?

Week 4 - Embodiment

  • What does confidence look like to you?

  • What does confidence feel like to you?

  • Drop out of the body and embody your confidence


Week 5 - So tell me why

  • Discover your true why, your deepest desire

  • Where would you be in life and business if you had limitless confidence?

Week 6 - action stations

  • What actions will you take to create a life of ultimate freedom and confidence?

  • Create a plan for your success

After 6 weeks of reflection and daily practice, you will have broken free from insecurity and fear and stepped up into that supremely confident person you are!

You will have let go of that timid, insecure, procrastinator and unleashed the vibrant, sexy confident REAL you!




The CONFIDENT ME self-discovery workbook is based on the processes I use with my clients - the tools and techniques work! 


We lay rich, deep foundations of confidence-building that will quite literally change your life.

This is not a 'get confident today' scheme, this workbook will make you think, make you feel uncomfortable, challenge you, and ultimately support you as you develop that sexy, super exciting unstoppable confidence you've always wanted.


Discover the freedom of living large!

    Linda Ferrari | Women's Personal Coach

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