What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kids will usually tell you they want to be a police officer, nurse, astronaut, movie star, scientist, captain of an AFL Women’s team, doctor even accountant on occasion, but I don’t ever recall hearing a kid say they want to be worn out, overwhelmed, someone’s wife, overworked staff member, free taxi service.

Kids see the magic, the possibility and the wonderful adventure of life. They don’t allow the minor bumps and bruises slow them down. Our Inner Child is still in their waiting for you to play with them, to embark on a fantastical adventure of immense and startling occurrences.

Do you want to play?

If you had the chance to wave a magic wand and create the ultimate future for yourself and family - what would it look like? Who would you be? What would be your greatest accomplishment?

Let’s have some fun and see what happens when we wave the Magic Wand Of Our Future Vision:

Find a place where you can be comfortable and uninterrupted for the next hour or so.

Take 3 long deep breaths and allow yourself to sink into a deep meditative state and allow your Inner Child to come out to play. …

The Magical Future Faery has waved her wand and sprinkled you with extra strong Pixie Dust (the preferred potion of all good magical folk for making dreams come true), transporting you forward 20 years into your ultimate future at the end of a regular workday, you arrive in front of your home, take a moment to notice what sort of dwelling and environment surrounds you.

Move slowly towards the dwelling of your Future Self.

What does it look like? What kind of landscape does it have? Are there trees? Flowers? What kind? Get a sense of this place from the outside – the colours, the light, the textures.

Standing in front of this dwelling, knock on the door.

Know that on the other side of the door is your Future Self, waiting to greet you, yourself 20 years from now. As the door opens, what do you notice?

Greet your Future Self and notice the way your Future Self returns your greeting, welcoming you into this time and place 20 years in the future. Take a long look at this person - this Future Self. What does they look like? Notice how they stands, what are they wearing. Get a sense of their essence. Notice the inside of their dwelling.

What kind of person or people live here?

Do you have a sense of others being here?

Who are they – what are they like?

Now move with your Future Self to a comfortable place for a conversation. Perhaps they offer you something to drink. Really settle in and make yourself comfortable for this conversation with your Future Self.

There are some questions that you might want to ask. Begin by asking the following two questions:

First, “What is it, Future Self, that you most remember about the last 20 years – what stands out most in your memory?”

In whatever language is most comfortable for you, take a moment now to hear the answer.

Now ask your Future Self this question:

“What do I need to be most aware of to get me from where I am now to where you are – what would be most helpful for me to know to get to where you are?”

Listen to what your Future Self has to tell you.

What are other questions that you would like to ask your Future Self?

Take as long as you need and ask your Future Self all the questions you need to get a full understanding of your future life.

When you are done, bring this visit with your Future Self to a close, thank them for being here with you today and sharing their wisdom.

Take 3 more slow breaths and bring your state back to the present.

Now pick up your own magic wand (aka: pen) and start detailing a regular workday in the life of you in June 2040. Take as long as you need, fill in as much detail as possible, create the most magnificent word painting you possibly can. Make it so real you can smell the coffee and taste your dinner.

Was that fun? Do you feel a little bit more excited to meet your future?

I wonder, just thinking out loud, what small thing could you change today that would bring that ideal future into reality?

Next week we look at creating a rock solid strategy to bring our future into reality, but this week I want you to keep playing with your magical vision of your future. Dream big, let your mind go wild, unleash the most fantastical aspirations your mind can come up with.

We all have different goals and dreams for the future, getting clear on your vision will help you create a path that feels the most fulfilling to you. When we have a life vision - it gives us something to work towards. It gives us clarity, so we can go through our days knowing we're working towards what we want - and what's truly important to us. This clarity of direction helps us make the right decisions and choices - for us.

If you are serious about creating the future you want, that you need to bring into reality for yourself and your family, the first thing to do is to define what a successful life means to you. What are the most important things in your life, what are your values and with your purpose clearly defined - how do you define success.

Some people will define their success in terms of career or financial status, some people will define their success in the amount of positive change the brought to the world, others see their home and relationships as their biggest achievements. But I want you to keep one thing really clear in your mind as you consider your future vision: you do you! Your future is based on your values and your definition of success, not what someone else says you should be doing. Strip back all the years of learning, and drop into the child state and dream your future based on your choices.

I would love to hear a short version of your magical future - private message me on the socials @ferraricoaching or send it to me at lindaferraricoach@gmail.com, or send me a video of you telling the story of your future vision.

Linda x

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