Manifesting your dreams

What Is Manifesting?

Manifesting is cultivating the experience of what you want to feel — and then living and believing in that experience so that you can allow it to come into form.

This means that whatever you focus on is what you are bringing into your reality. You may focus and manifest through meditation, visualisation or just via your conscious or subconscious. This process is called manifesting.

It all begins with putting the right messages out there into the world. Lots of people think that creating a vision board is enough, or trying to hustle to make things happen is the answer. The reality is, that manifesting something is a subtle energy. It’s about assuming the experience of what it is you desire before the reality even comes into form.

For example, if you have been thinking about getting a new job and you focused on exactly what you wanted and when you wanted it, your thoughts and feelings would be strong surrounding this. You could then try to meditate or visualise your goal and this can help to manifest it into your reality.

If you then got your new job and it was everything you wanted, you would have successfully manifested it into your life.

So, now that you know what manifestation means, it’s time to find out how manifestation works.

Sometimes we manifest things far beyond our wildest dreams. So when manifesting, it’s important to stay open to possibilities that are beyond what you think you need. When you align with the loving energy of the Universe, there are no limits to what you can attract.

Here are the 5 steps to manifest what you want out of life

Step 1 – Clear intention

What it is you want in your life? Do you want more success? Do you want to attract a partner? Do you want more financial abundance?

Whatever it is you’re yearning for, crystal clear clarity is the secret ingredient to achieving what you desire.

This clarity also gives you an understanding about your negative belief system, which are all those beliefs that might be holding you back.

Step 2 – Remove blockages

Commit to eradicating the limiting beliefs or other blockages that are stopping you from believing and knowing that you’re worthy of what you want.

This takes courage.

Your belief system and believing with conviction is what allows your desires to become a reality.  Maybe you have fears relating to commitment, fears relating to financial abundance, fears relating to your past and future. Get clear about these.

Step 3 – Visualise and assume the desired result

Start by going somewhere that’s quiet and private, and spend just a minute on visualising the thing you want.

Pour all your energy and concentration into seeing it with your mind’s eye, and let all the good feelings about the object or outcome well up inside you

This step works best if you do a multi-sensory visualisation; if you can see, hear, smell, touch and (if relevant) taste the outcome you’re looking to create. Make it as real as you possibly can, so it’s almost like it’s yours already.

‘Act as if …’ the result has already happened, assume your intention has manifested - what would you be doing / how would you be acting?

Step 4 – Take action

Take at least one action to get the process started. Use your intuition to determine the best action to take.

Step 5 – Recognise, receive and give thanks

The final step is to have the patience to be really relaxed believing that the universe will bring you exactly what you want and desire. When it does appear, recognise the manifesting and receive it with gratitude, thanking Mother Nature / Universe ? Great Spirit in the Sky etc for providing.

Worksheets available for Explorer & Seeker Members-

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