Holding Space for Me

Previously I have written about holding space for others, but this time I thought I would share the benefits of holding space for myself, what I have discovered by practicing a daily habit of quiet reflective time.

It feels like there must be someone reading this who needs to know the power of giving themselves time to drop out of their thinking brain, to hold space for themselves, and allow healing and growth to happen.

Benefits I have experienced holding space for myself:

1) SELF-Knowledge

Observe what's going on within me, what’s really important, my dreams, my passions.

Holding space for me allows me to find my own voice, find my true essence.


In the quiet time ideas and inspirations bubble up, and the noisy day recedes.

My creativity time - walking with Momma Nature, meditating, crafting, cat patting provides the wide open spaces in my mind to stretch my mind and inspire idea palaces.


No judgment zone.

Holding space for me allows me to let go of opinions and comparisons, Allows me to explore new ideas without the pressure of performance or expectation.


Dropping into my body and holding wide open space gives my brain a rest and provides recovery time. It’s like a pitstop for our brain - time to refuel and repair and then hit the road again at top speed.

I have so much more energy and sparkle after even 20 minutes of quiet time. It’s like a nap without the sleepy side effects.


Holding space also gives me a chance to process life complicated challenges and emotions.

By stepping into a quiet space I can observe the difficulty from different angles, consider the outcome I need, process the pain if needed, and let go of what i don’t need all in the privacy of my own space and time.

6) SLAY my inner dragons

Holding space gives me a chance to gather my strength/s, observe my inner dragons (inner critic) and work out how best to slay the negativity or thing that’s holding me back.

Holding space for my inner dragons allows me to acknowledge them, how they have served me over the years, but now it’s time to let them go.

Intentionally holding space for myself, giving me and my emotions time to acknowledge, reflect, accept and let go has been vital to my development and happiness.


I am soooo grateful for gratitude.

Holding space for myself as I walk through Mumma Nature telling her all the things I am grateful for is the most wonderful part of my day. I am so grateful I have discovered this powerful healing.

However, that powerful healing can be captured n small doses all day every day, and you will often hear me acknowledging the little things in my life that I see the beauty in, the glorious element of a thing that makes life better.

Yes my cats think I am crazy, but I am also so unbelievably contented and fulfilled in my life.


Holding space for myself allows me to build my ‘enoughness’, to build my personal palaces of courage and confidence that allow me to embrace my world powerfully.

Holding space for my affirmations and mantras every day strengthens me. I am enough, I am where I need to be. I am Me.

Holding Space is a technique all my clients get to know and practice daily.

It takes many different forms based on your life, your needs, but the outcomes are always incredibly powerful.

This practice frees my clients up, allows them to release the stuff that holds them back, and start living a magnificent life.

Linda Ferrari | Women's Personal Coach

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where I work and live, the Bunurong people of the South-Eastern Kulin Nation, and pay my respects to Elders past and present.

I celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.

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