Feminine energy - what is it?

This blog, and most of my work around women’s empowerment is developed for women like me who spend a lot of time in their masculine energy and find it hard to switch back into feminine energy.

Reconnecting with our femininity is the key to restoring that balance that is missing today from so many women’s lives. And yes, we want career success, but we also want fulfilling, loving relationships.

Learning to balance my highly developed, ambitious masculine side with the softness and receptive energy of femininity has been a challenge, a challenge that went right to the core of who I am and how I was brought up. But it’s a massive game-changer, and the outcomes are so worth it.

What Is Feminine Energy?

Feminine energy is that that subtle, soft, yet resonant truth that is carried in the body, once the mind stops its chatter. It’s that rapture you washes over you when you bite into a delicious croissant, watch the sunset or feel the kisses of a loved one on your cheek. It is the beauty and magic of life, experienced through your body and soul, where you live and feel every moment.

Feminine energy: “being” energy - you are in receptive mode and allow your partner, experiences, and life itself to fill you up. Feminine energy is not busy ‘doing’, but instead enjoying the moment you are in. Receptive, soft, fluid, allowing, nurturing, sensual, empathetic, flexible, emotional, and expressed through the subtle realm.

Masculine energy: “doing energy” - forward-moving, penetrative force that “gets things done”. Focused, goal-oriented, stable, strong, structured, logical, driven, and expressed through the physical realm.

Before we go any further, it’s important to denote what feminine energy is NOT: Feminine energy is NOT dumbed down, submissive, agreeable, or weak. A feminine woman is not tied to the stove, baking cookies, or wearing pink tulle (unless she wants to).

Can I be both?

Both men and women can be in their feminine or masculine energy, but, depending on the environment and their own social conditioning, one energy can be more dominant than the other. We can oscillate between the two, but we generally will revert to our default energy.

Neither of these energies are inherently good or bad, but our strength lies in the ability to identify and channel them in the right situation.

If masculine energy is about navigating from the head, then feminine energy is about navigating from the heart. And we need a balance of both for a harmonious life. 

When we take a look in nature we see a perfect balance and harmony co-existing in everything to ensure its survival. Summer balances winter, water balances fire, night balances day, yin balances yang, and the feminine balances the masculine.

For many of us in the corporate or business environment, it seems that we need to pull on double-strength masculine energy to build and maintain a successful career - have you ever felt like you needed to assert dominance or authority in the boardroom? Constantly being told to remove emotions from your conversation? These all negate our feminine parts in an effort to transform into men, thinking that is what’s required if we want to play in the same arena.

The reality is, true feminine energy is as potent and powerful as masculine energy- easily balancing and uplifting the over-reach of masculine power, when applied.

To utilise your authentic feminine energy is an exercise in love, care, and intuition.

Women who have fully embraced their feminine energy bring out the BEST in each other and in men, professionally and personally.

We owe it to ourselves, first and foremost, to listen to our essence and our feminine truth by slowing down, getting in our bodies and asking what our hearts and spirits really want.

What are the benefits of embracing my feminine?

The biggest benefits for me of loving my feminine side has been knowing how to take care of myself emotionally. Really honouring my emotions instead of denying them or thinking they are bad and something I have to hide. A skill that has served me well in the midst of life’s stresses and pressures. For that reason getting connected to the feminine aspects within me has been extremely healing and empowering. Simply put, when you love and honour your feminine side you’ll have a more balanced and happier life.

As I wrap up this blog, I just want to say that while I have embraced my feminine, anyone who knows me personally would agree I have a long way to go. I still struggle with vulnerability, I sometimes don’t recognise or understand an emotion/s. But everyday I delve deeper into energy and find it easier and easier to switch between them. Somedays play with both and get the best of both worlds!

Linda x

Linda Ferrari | Women's Personal Coach

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where I work and live, the Bunurong people of the South-Eastern Kulin Nation, and pay my respects to Elders past and present.

I celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.

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