5 steps to make your wishes come true

Do you ever wonder how you can make your wishes come true? So often, our wishes seem far removed from what happens in our day to day lives, it can be discouraging. The steps for making wishes reality are not secrets; but, they can be hard and takes real effort. This means few people actually do the work required and to see their wishes become real. But I have to tell you, the parts of the process that are the hardest that require the most effort actually make it rewarding, exhilarating, and gives life meaning. So jump in, and see how amazing your life can be! Here are the simple steps to make your dreams come true:

Step 1: Wish List

Make a list of all the things you currently wish for.

Really let yourself dream. Take off the shackles that say: “That isn’t possible.” or “I could never do this.”

Let yourself explore and give voice to all those silent wishes. Dream big and dream wide - what do you really want?

Step 2: What will it take?

Ask yourself "what would it take to make this come true?" and write down the answers. Do this with each wish on your list. You might not know “how” to make most of them happen, but you do have an idea of what commitment or changes you might have to make to even get started. Is the cost time, money, change? What resources are you currently lacking that you need to make this wish come true? Be as specific as possible without trying to plan your actions. If your wish is something so outside your current reality then take a look at what is in your reality that could move you that way. For example, if you currently make $50,000 a year and your wish is to be making $1 million then maybe your “what would it take?” answer is find a better paying job that has some freedom for me to start working on my own business on the side.

Step 3: What am I willing to do?

Now comes the hard part.

Once you have given an assessment of what it would take to achieve each of your wishes you have to honestly assess what you are willing to do.

The reason most people do not make their dreams come true lies here–

they either never assess what it will take  or

they are not willing to do what it takes.

You see, only people who wish for something with such intensity that it drives them to action can ever achieve their dreams.

Step 4: Let it go!

Let go of the wishes you are not willing to pay the price for. Let’s face it, some things just are not worth the cost. If to have a certain dream job you need to move away from your family, and living near your family is one of your highest life priorities, then your decision is made at least for that specific job. Once you determine the cost is too high for any particular wish, cross it off your list and resolve to STOP wishing for it. Wishing for things you are unwilling to suffer for is a waste of time and leaves you feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied with your life. And when you feel life is not serving you, you then become less able to put successful effort and energy into other areas of your life that you are prepared to work for.

Step 5: Action

Make a plan and start taking action toward achieving your wish every day. Very few successful people achieved their dreams on a rocket ship. They made their dreams into reality one day at a time, one step at a time. You can’t know what it will take 10 steps down the line, but you can take the first step, now. You might think these steps are easy and wonder why I said at the beginning they are hard? What makes these steps hard? You do. I do. We do.

We allow everything else in our lives to get in the way of simply moving on our dreams. We have excuses. We have commitments. We have distractions. And we also have our dreams ...

If you follow these 5 steps and commit just 30 minutes each day towards moving on your dream you will be amazed at how far you get and how many of your wishes become real. Make a plan and start taking action toward achieving your wish every day.

This is not Disneyland, and we are not Disney Princesses, but we can make our dreams come true. It's your life, you get to choose your dreams and you get to choose to make your wishes come true.

Linda x

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