We are so happy to have you here in our friendly little Village of Magnificent Women.

As you know, each week there will be new content available around our them for the month. I encourage you to read and absorb the concepts, take them for a walk and see how they feel and what opportunities you have to fit them into your life.

Then drop a comment in the facebook group.

Share your experiences of the topic, or how you feel or maybe if you are struggling with some of the concepts presented. We are all here to share, learn and grow through our womanly wisdom.

For our Seeker members receiving the workbooks - these will be provided in the first week of the month so you can complete the exercises and take time to digest the ideas.

Sometimes working through the self reflection process can be confronting, even a bit scary or emotional. That's ok, that means that something has struck a chord and needs more attention. Allow the group to support you, nurture you as you work through the processes.

Drop a comment or video into the facebook group and all us all to hold you safely and guide you gently down the path you need to go.

Explorer members, you can book your personal coaching sessions at any time. Included in your membership is 1 session per month, I suggest you book your preferred time in advance so you don't miss out on the popular times. Message me if you have any trouble finding a good time. Sometimes I can move my other commitments around.

Explorers can be coached on the them topic, or anything that is currently a challenge. Or you may want to go through the 12 part transformational program 'I Am Me'. It's up to you and what you need to move your life forward.

Explorers will discover a whole range of emotions, epiphanies, tears and breakthroughs through coaching. These discoveries are wonderful when shared - let your sisters know what you are experiencing, the challenges you are facing as you make new choices and changes in your life. Share your wins and new beginnings so we can virtually join hands and celebrate with you.

In conclusion, sending you a big virtual group hug and a loud 'WELCOME' from all of us here, we can't wait to hear your voice and see your beautiful eyes as you embark on this wonderful, enriching journey of self development.

Your are magnificent,

Linda x