Future Me Vision Board Workshop By Linda

Regain control of your future, be the designer of your destiny!

Step out of Covid isolation and into your bright and beautiful future - define what's really important to you, what you value most and create vision of your future, and a rock solid strategy to achieve it.

Join me for a full day of reflection and development, creativity and laughter. 

Come away with a beautiful vision board of your destiny, and the confidence and ability to get you there.

Facilitated by Linda Ferrari, a passionate and experienced women's life coach.

Limited to 10 participants
All meals and materials included

Life working out the way you thought it would?   
Does it feel like your life been hijacked?

Are you at a point when you have lost control of your life? and just seem to be functioning on everyone else's expectations?

Is it time to regain control of your life? and choose the direction you want to go?


Future Me - Post-Covid Vision Board  1 day retreat for women

Future Me is a 1-day retreat from our regular lives where we can find the clarity of who we are and what's really important to us.

A day filled with laughter, support and delicious food as we creatively reimagine our futures.

A day dedicated to defining and elevating our vision for our lives so we can enrich our families and villages.

This is the method I used to redesign my life (and continue to use), and maintain my focus for my goals and future. It completely blows my mind that from this fun process just how quickly we can step into the life we want. The Future Me process takes you through the journey of working out what's really important to you now in a post-Covid world, reveals your bigger purpose and provides a beautiful focus in your daily routines.

I want to share the magic of creating a vision for your life, how to set achievable goals and manifest the lifestyle you dream of. Your Vision Board is like a treasure map to the experiences you want, and the future you can have. 

This is a full day workshop as it takes time to map out what you want for the different areas in your life. We then find the visuals to go with your goals and put them on a physical board to take home. The goal is to walk away with clarity and direction for the next 12 months,  and the next 5-10 years of your life. 

vision board 2
Future Me retreat by Linda Ferrari women
vision board 3
vision board 4
vision board 5
vision board 6
vision board 7
vision board 8
vision board 1

The Future Me process is not sticking a heap of pretty pictures on a board and walking away expecting Mr Right and some big bucks to walk through the door and sweep you offer your Gucci heels. The Vision Board process is a deep dive into what’s really important to you, your purpose and direction in life. It takes time, nurturing and compassionate consideration, so you can buy Mr Right a wardrobe full Gucci.

Maximum 10 people. Bookings essential

Included in the workshop:

All meals supplied, standard dietary needs catered for

Clarity around your post-Covid expectations of life

A vision of where you want to be in 10+ years

An action plan to get you there

Materials to create your vision board

Fun, laughter, sharing, inspiration, motivation, nurturing and Phillip Island's most delicious food 

all of this plus:

BONUS *** 1 hour Personal Coaching call after the event to help you nail down your strategy *** valued at $250!

Not included:

The determination to live your best life - that’s all you! 

Book this retreat or a shorter version workshop version for your tribe, business, club, or friends: email me lindaferraricoach@gmail.com  Special rates for not for profits and charities.