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Passionate Women's Empowerment Coach & Speaker

Linda Ferrari is Founder of Magnificent Life Coaching, empowering women to create meaningful, purpose-driven lives by reconnecting with themselves, their hearts & feminine strengths to achieve their most magnificent lives through heart warming coaching and practical wisdom.


She is dedicated to helping women at all stages of life awaken their heart and step into into their full feminine power, building a magnificent life for themselves and their families.

She describes her offerings as ‘woman’s work’, specialising in helping women tap into their deepest wisdom, enabling them to harness their own transformational power to be more effective and whole in every aspect of their lives.  


Linda offers guidance through personal coaching, group workshops, Circle gatherings, retreats and speaking.

Linda Ferrari: from Queen of De' Nial
to Sovereign Queen of my Life 

Ice Queen to Yass Queen! On reclaiming control of my life and stepping up into my sovereignty

There was a time when my friends took to calling me Cleopatra, and occasionally the Ice Queen, it was all in fun, but they were also absolutely correct. I was in denial of my past, wasn't taking responsibility for my actions, refusing to feel emotions and accept what was really happening to me. 

There didn't seem to be any other way to cope at the time, I thought I was broken and had no idea that I was enough and had everything I needed to change my life. Instead I just kept coping and hoping. Coping with the next trauma, hoping my White Knight would charge in and save me.

I was self-critical, insecure, anxious, obsessive, depressive and suicidal for decades. My 3 beautiful children were literally the only reason I stayed alive during the most damaged seasons.

A massive life change shook me up and started me on the the process of taking a good long hard look in the mirror, and discovering my strengths as well as damaging behaviours. I found my true purpose, rewired my brain, starting living my values and stepped into my sovereignty with confidence and the freedom to be me, and live the life I design.

I then followed my heart and started a business that serves people who also desperately want to live life on their own terms. A business that is focussed on your dreams, a business that is all about the fearless pursuit of you!

My purpose is to help you to find your real you; support you as you untangle your past and release yourself from limitations and find the freedom to be the amazing person you were born to be.

Maybe you have forgotten or or conditioned to believe you don't want or deserve a life, maybe you no longer believe you are worthy, capable, fearless, bold, brave, unique and amazing. Together we will help you realise that you have everything you need inside. You were born fully equipped. You are enough. And you are so worth it!

My own development, along with over 25 years of learning and development experience and countless hours of life coaching shows me that anyone who is truly committed to transforming their life can have a vibrant and purposeful life.

I’m really thrilled you’re here. I am so glad your journey has brought you to my website, so happy that you are ready to make the best change  of your new wild and free life!


Linda Ferrari | Women's Personal Coach

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