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Move forward in your life & business

Achieve the goals & outcomes YOU want


Are you a hard-working, purpose-driven woman?

Burnt out? Too many 'caps'? Lost in the busy-ness?

Want a better way of leading & living?

It's time to explore your authentic leadership style,

to access your feminine power for a successful, sustainable life


Wish you lived a life you love? Want to wake up with boundless energy, excited to start the day?

Want to lead your team and achieve big outcomes and have energy left for the things you love?

Maybe you’re feeling stuck or trapped? Lost your confidence? Not clear on which your direction?

Let's go beyond surface level work-life balance and emotional intelligence, let's go dig deep for the real gold


Coaching and Feminine Leadership Development is for women who want clarity, confidence and freedom in their work and life,

and want a better way to succeed without burnout and compromising the most important things in their life

Develop contemporary skills while taping into ancient wisdom and your true feminine super powers

Feminine Leadership

Personal Coaching &

small group workshops

Designed for new and emerging female leaders and small business women, discover your authentic Feminine Leadership and how to practically apply it in your current situation and in the future.

YES, you can have it all - without burnout and compromising the most important things in your life.

Personal Coaching

Move your life forward,

achieve your biggest goals

Personal Coaching with me is a deep dive into the toxic stories that are replaying in your life, holding you back from achieving the outcomes you really want.

Using a range of coaching tools and modalities, together we will:

  • Discover the toxic stories limiting you

  • Rewrite the stories for the life you desire

  • Claim your freedom and a real happily ever after

Women's Circles

Where you belong. Where you are seen, heard and valued.

Women have been sitting in Circles since time began, offering connection, strength and wisdom as we navigate our paths and weave our web of love, connection, and feminine energy. 

Women’s Circles with me provide busy professional women with a safe, judgement free zone, where you can be truly seen and unconditionally accepted.

At Circle, we leave our hats and our heels at the front door and reconnect with our own ancient womanly wisdom


Feminine Leadership & Personal Coach | Circle Facilitator | Speaker

Welcome, I am so glad you made it here, so happy your journey to a dynamic and free life has brought you here.

My purpose is to help you find your clarity, confidence and FREEDOM as an authentic, heart-led feminine leader and business woman.


Discover your innate superpowers and how to tap into the limitless potential you were born with, working authentically, leading with a human focus.

Move forward in your life and achieve outcomes you only thought possible in your wildest dreams.


I invite you to book a FREE no obligation Discovery Call and begin the journey to discover clarity, confidence and freedom.


Chat soon, Linda x

Work with me

What's missing in your life? What do you want your life to look like in the future?

Gain a deeper understanding of what drives your results in life.
Learn valuable techniques to overcome barriers and get “un-stuck”.
Work with me to design the life and leadership you want!

Book your FREE no-obligation Discovery Call and begin the journey to living a wildly free life

Kind words ...

Kim, Wild Kindling

Linda from Magnificent Life Coaching has completely changed my life.

I started working with her about 10 weeks ago and I can’t believe the changes that she has helped me make. I was looking for her help in all aspects of my life, but specifically my new/next career path now that my kids are a little older.


She has not only helped me find my passion and help me reignite my ‘old self’ she has been so supportive in assisting me get things off the ground for my new direction. She has had some great advice and helped me work though some blockages I had on how to get the experience I need, as well as gaining confidence in myself.


Linda has a special presence about her that makes me feel so welcome and able to be honest about everything (and know I will be completely supported). She has allowed me to be excited about my road ahead, and be able to look into the future clearer, and with much more enthusiasm. I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about Life Coaching for any aspect of their life!